pinot grigio & Pinot Gris

Lucciola Pinot Grigio


Organic. A pretty, floral white, light-bodied and showing flavors of green apple, Asian pear, citrus and ginger. Finishes with a touch of minerality.


Cora Pinot Grigio


Gently pressed then fermented for two weeks at cool temperatures in stainless steel tanks. Easy drinking, clean and crisp, with hints of citrus and floral notes.


Es Okay Pinot Gris


Orange Wine. With five days of skin contact, this orange wine is richer with more tannins than white wine. There is incredible florality on both the nose and palate. With an abundance of stone fruit and bright citrus notes (tangerine and kumquats), this wine is like liquid sunshine.


Scopa Pinot Grigio


Organic. Unadulterated and sustainably farmed, this is a great value for a quality wine. Medium-bodied and dry, with fresh lemon and golden apple flavors. It is fresh, bright, juicy, yet dry on the finish.


San Pietro Pinot Grigio


Straw yellow in the glass with an aroma of tropical fruits with hints of honey. The palate is fruity with excellent freshness and balanced acidity. Light bodied and a fresh finish.


Bianco dei Politici Pinot Grigio


1 liter bottle! Crisp, bright, and fresh as a summer breeze. Serve this delightful Pinot Grigio at any meal (especially with fresh seafood) or for simple solo-sipping anytime.


Muri-Gries Pinot Grigio


Organic. A super delicious pinot grigio!
Fresh fruit aromas, ripe Williams pears, herbs with mint, a hint of black tea, slightly buttery and nutty. Powerfully structured, hefty and heavy with slightly bitter, long finish.


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