The Proposed 100% Tariffs Will Increase Prices on All European Wines & Spirits.

The Deets:

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) is considering a second round of tariffs on French and EU goods in connection with France's Digital Services Tax and the WTO’s recent ruling on the Airbus/Boeing dispute. If enacted, these tariffs, which could range from 25-100% on all EU wines, will have catastrophic effects on small businesses and working-class families that depend on the economic viability of EU goods. That includes virtually every importer, distributor, retailer and restaurant in the United States, along with every winery in the US that relies on a thriving market infrastructure to sell their wines. For consumers, the result will be fewer choices and significantly higher prices on imported wines.


The Gist:

A 100% tariff on ALL European wines--including Champagne and spirits. The proposed new tariffs are scheduled to go into effect on February 15th. Prices will increase substantially in our store and all other liquor stores as a result.

What you can do:

Help stop this from happening by writing to your U.S. house representative and senators.
Call your senators and representatives and urge them to pressure the Office of the US Trade Representative to reconsider their proposed tariffs.

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