Craft hard cider


Linder's Summer Shandy Cider

New York

Made in Hamden, NY. Not your average summer shandy. Light, crisp, full of lemon flavor (brought on by hops steeped into the cider). Perfect for summer and delicious served on ice. 0grams of residual sugar.

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Lindner's Farmhouse Cider - 4pk

New York

Made in Hamden, NY. This popular blend is made from cultivated apples from Western NY and a number of unknown wild-forged apples from The Catskills. It’s bone dry and fermented spontaneously, which gives it its signature farmhouse taste of tart apple and a full mouthfeel.

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Black Diamond Cider Jaywalker

New York

A blend of traditional "sharp" cider apples, aged with French oak. Tartly elegant with aromas of ginger and green apple. Enlivening acidity gives way to sweet vanilla and spice.
Varieties: Ashmead's Kernel, Crimson Crisp, Black Oxford, Golden Russet, Calville Blanc, Sundance, other mixed sharps



Linder's Mallory Farm Cider

New York

Made in Hamden, NY. This cider pays homage to the farm's original owner. Aromatic nose of honey, apples and wildflowers. It is clean and refreshing with just the right amount of tart apple to balance. The apples are Northern Spy, Rhode Island Greening, Rome and Gold Rush.

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Lindner's Dry Cider - 4pk

New York

Made in Hamden, NY. This cider is easy. Bursting with apple cider flavor, aromas of banana and clove. With a cinnamon and nutmeg finish. A great cider to start with, beloved by all and suitable for any occasion.

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Black Diamond Cider Shin Hollow

New York

A pet nat cider made with Porter’s Perfection. Lively effervescence, robust earthy tannins and tantalizing acidity all joined together with a yeasty wild character.
Varieties: Porter’s Perfection (85%), mixed sharps (15%)



Lindner's Cabin Hill Cider

New York

Made in Hamden, NY. Made with over 50 different varieties of wild, hand-picked apples from pre-prohibition apple trees. This still cider is sophisticated and complex. Begins on the mouth with bright apple flavor, then rounds into stone fruits of apricot and prune, finished by black tea. This one is definitely unique and special.



Lindner's Hazy 'n' Juicy Cider - 4pk

New York

Made in Hamden, NY. A juicy and unfiltered New-England-style IPA cider. The apple cider base is steeped with Mosaic hops which adds beautiful & bright tropical notes like Passion Fruit & Mango. The perfect pairing for your friends BBQ this weekend.

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Barrika Basque Country Cider


Tart, dry, funky with ripe apple flavors and crisp and slightly saline finish. A great pairing with fish and cured cheeses. Alternatively, Barrika can provide an interesting contrast to heavier foods such as burgers and, as it is frequently enjoyed in Basque Country, with steak.