Craft hard cider

Barrika Basque Country Cider


Tart, dry, funky with ripe apple flavors and crisp and slightly saline finish. A great pairing with fish and cured cheeses. Alternatively, Barrika can provide an interesting contrast to heavier foods such as burgers and, as it is frequently enjoyed in Basque Country, with steak.


Bordelet Sidre Tendre


Biodynamic. From pre-French revolution apple orchards of “heirloom” varieties planted in granite and clay soils in Normandy. This cider is made in a gently off-dry sparkling style, with fine mousse, beautiful balance, and racy acidity giving the cider an almost dry impression that works marvelously as an aperitif or at the table.


Scrumpy Ewe Dabinett Spy

New York

A slow-fermented, traditional cider. Delicately blended, this elegantly dry, floral cider has a bright, sharp finish that accentuates its soft tannic structure. Very clean ferment. Balanced. Akin to a fine white riesling. Floral, smell of Dabinett apples on the nose. Serve slightly chilled. Unfiltered. Bonedry.


Lindner's Dry Cider - 4pk

New York

Made in Hamden, NY. An apple/quince nose followed by a rich, full bodied mouthfeel with notes of sweet grapefruit and apple mid-palate. Finish is dry with notes of soft yuzu/apple.

$14.99 /4pk

Byhur Sparkling Hard Cider


Byhur by Astarbe Sagardotegia is a sparkling cider, probably the very first produced in the Basque Country following the champenoise method. Fine bubbled super-dry cider with flower flavors and the classic acid notes of a typical Basque cider. Thirst-quenching!


Scrumpy Ewe Stone Cutter Still

New York

With 80% of the same base blend as the Stone Cutter Pétillant, but fermented at a higher temp to achieve a light maleolactic fermentation. It drinks much like a simple, high acid, white wine. Still, clean, light butter and tart. Slightly less complicated than the Stone Cutter Pét, but with rounded edges and slightly less intense thanks to the MLF.


Linder's Mallory Farm Cider

New York

Made in Hamden, NY. This cider pays homage to the farm's original owner. Aromatic nose of honey, apples and wildflowers. It is clean and refreshing with just the right amount of tart apple to balance. The apples are Northern Spy, Rhode Island Greening, Rome and Gold Rush.


Lindner's Hazy 'n' Juicy Cider - 4pk

New York

Made in Hamden, NY. A big tropical fruit nose (think mango and pineapple) with juicy, citrus-driven mid-palate and a dry, tangy finish.

$14.99 /4pk

Astarbe Still Hard Cider


Yellow-green color with aromas of young apple and citrus. Long and dry on the palate with a balance of acidity and bitterness and notes of fresh fruits and herbs. Unfiltered. Unsweetened. Unpasteurized. Uncarbonated. Just Basque Cider.


Scrumpy Ewe Master Tremlett's

New York

Aromatic notes of fresh apple and papaya. Dense, viscous. Still.
Medium tannins and high acid. A cider for the cider connoisseur!
50/50% blend of a rare American bittersharp - Tremlett's Bitter
(Geneva) and an old-world Bittersweet, Harry Master Jersey.


Lindner's Farmhouse Cider - 4pk

New York

Made in Hamden, NY. Soft, tart apple nose and flavor with a crisp, bone dry mouthfeel that ends with a cleansing, dry finish. 

$14.99 /4pk

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